Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Out of the is

"Thinking out of the box" is the most cliched phrase, done to death by corporates. Go to a meeting with any goddamn brand manager, sleep mid-way through the meeting and still you would have only missed out of the box :).

But is it as easy? the ideation bit might be, but execution whoaaa, that's one heck of a challenge and you know, idea is only as good as the execution.

For instance this Bingo campaign, Do check it out

Well, when everyone is going gaga over this piece, I know Indian Railways would never do that, how can you get approvals? whom and where to approach them.

Then the message announced was kind of misleading, would railways really risk that?
You know if you live in Mumbai, a platform change message can create a stampede, and believe me it will get a lot of people in trouble.

So then we come back to the point of "Idea being only as good as the execution". So was this a great viral? Yes, absolutely it was.

The agency or the brand guys nailed it, its out of the box, cause it plays around a something, that not possible, it shakes you. Its quirky or atleast the idea is, execution was simple. Get video shots of a station and dub over, minimal cost, maximum impact.
I had seen this video being floated around on all social channels and it had a great Viral value to it. Announcing something crazy on a public announcement system on Indian railways, also cannot establish the credibility of the video, see its internet so company was also not liable, brilliant!!

Think again out of the box, yes yes yes !!

Monday, August 23, 2010

When Fans get Back!!

I have always appreciated campaigns which have tried to involve the users / TG and there have been couple of them which have been quite successful.

The IKEA, mentioned in the last post etc. I recently came across the TVC's for AIRTEL Champions league thinggy, where a fan has to upload his video proving he is a big fan of a club he supports.

Little tedious and have been done to death. I agree its a big campaign especially when it concerns cricket but come on, little more creative or atleast simpler.

But what happens when such campaigns do not go well with the users,
they GET BACK!! Check this funny email by a customer.

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

You and your Johnson!! yes u heard that

Now I have heard some crazy virals but this one's a real advertisement for a motorboat or something.

The jingle goes you, your kids and your JOHNSON :) yes the guy who made this would had never thought that maybe 20 years down the line, the thinggy will be called a Johson.

But I have to give it Damn Catchy Jingle !!

Marketing differentiation

An average Joe goes through hell lot of marketing/ advertising messages in a day. I guess some of us have become so insensitive to it that we have learn't to ignore them.

We talk a lot about brand or product differentiation, how about advertising / marketing differentiation?? Yes effective, yes innovative and yes engaging depends on how well it is executed.

Adpoting a new medium, or a new approach, well does create an impact.

Check this initiative by Mc Donalds, print advertising old way, making a guy sleep under it and enhance the copy and ad innovative.

This some initiative in Canada and most definitely adds a quirky and eyeball catching element to campaign.

World definitely could do with a few Marketers like these :)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Simplicity works!

Ikea, not just cool furniture but have done some kickass digital stuff, some of their banner campaigns have been very innovative. But this about their facebook page. Not that it has not been done by other brands but once again proven that if its convenient and simple Fans are willing to engage.

Past of the future

As I always keep ranting, that old ads have their own charm and come of their own when executed well.

Check out these ads for Twitter, Facebook, Skype and Youtube. The basic theme is that everything gets outdated fast.

Good creative shit!!! the credit goes to Advertising Agency: Moma, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Creative Director: Rodolfo Sampaio Art Director: Marco Martins Copywriter: Adriano Mato